Totes My Goats, LLC

Afton, MN

Property management that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost efficient. 

Totes My Goats, LLC is a locally owned, locally operated business that provides vegetation clearing in a responsible and sustainable way, all while naturally fertilizing the soil. Our goats will get into those hard to reach areas to quietly, efficiently and safely remove that nuisance vegetative overgrowth.

Each site is different. Start by contacting us to set up a time to have your project evaluated. Once we get the lay of the land we can put together a customized proposal to match your goals and timeframe to clear out that unsightly overgrowth and get your property back to looking beautiful!

When the day arrives our crew will setup the lightweight electrified netting fence to surround your project site along with adding a water trough and a few other essential items, and release the goats to graze! The goats remain on-site until the job is completed. They're fun to watch and a lot of past and present customers can't wait to have them back out not only for the great work they do but for the entertainment they provide!!


What kind of fencing do you use?

It is a collapsable, rope-like netting fence that has wire woven into the threading to pass electricity. Each section covers 164', weighs 15lbs and can be connected to cover a distance of about a quarter mile. 

Will the fence hurt if I touch it?

Yes. Please don't touch the fence or encourage anyone to touch the fence. It hurts. It's not terrible, but we guarantee you will not do it again.

What about coyotes?

Coyotes are typically smaller than the goats and even when confronted with one another, goats don't seem to be intimitated. Goats tend to stick together as a herd for protection and coyotes tend to leave them alone. Not too mention we have an electric fence. It keeps the goats in but it also keeps things out.

How long does it take?

One acre of land, depending upon the thickness of the vegetation and type of vegetation, will take 10-15 goats approximately 1 week to complete.

What will I be left with after the goats are gone?

Nothing but sticks and stems.

Goats are browsers, so they will wander from area to area in search of their next snack. Almost everything will get picked over down to the stems, from eye level to ground level. 

When woody plants, such as buckthorn, lose their leaves it forces the plant to go through a process known as refoliation. Refoliation is the regrowth of leaves. Refoliation stresses the root system of the plant because of the energy it consumes in order to refoliate the plant. It is unnatural for a plant to have to recover from this repeated offense. Over time the plant will die.

Are the goats friendly? Can we pet them?

Most of them were raised as bottle fed kids, others have been with us for years and know people well, all are tame but curious creatures; don't be surprised to have your loose clothing nibbled!  Our staff will make you feel comfortable with the goats and any low maintenance items that may need to be taken care of during their stay (filling water, daily head counts, etc.). Site visits by staff will be on an as-needed basis, but will be available 24/7 for questions or concerns.

What does it cost?

It depends on several factors: terrain, accessibility and density. It is best to set up a consultation to get a free customized quote based on the area  that you have in mind. 

How many goats do you have?

We welcomed 6 new baby goats into the Totes My Goats family this winter and now have a herd of 30 strong! 

When can they start?

Mid-April through November. Schedules book up quick but we are always looking for greener pastures!

Where do they go in the winter?

That's thoughtful of you to ask, you're obviously an animal lover. Our goats live huddled together on a nice, quiet country farm during the winter. They have a cozy barn for shelter and eat about 120lbs of hay a day!!

Can you bring the goats to my property?

We are located in Afton, MN and have gone north to Scandia, south to Hastings and West to Inver Grove Heights. New in 2022 we are proud to be serving Western Wisconsin! Some municipalities are now requiring permits for goats, but you'll have to check with your local community authorities to be sure.

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